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Year 2 with Miss. Green!

Tuesday 9th Februaryg


Good morning! Has everybody saw the snow! It is so cold!

Today I have a challenge for you, can you research how snow is made?

Have a great day!

Miss. Green

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Friday 29th January


Good afternoon year 2!

Today I am going to set a science challenge!

Today we are going to look at floating and sinking! Do you know what this means? Can you name 2 household items that float and 2 that sink! You can test this out in your sink!

Have a lovely Friday and weekend

Miss. Green

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Thursday 28th January


Good morning year 2! Each week we are going to do a ‘thankful Thursday’ this is a brilliant opportunity to think about what we are thankful for!

I will go first: I am thankful for having a lovely family that make me laugh!

what are you thankful for? Comment to let me know!

Miss. Green

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Tuesday 26th January


Good morning year 2! It is freezing cold outside today! Drop me a message to say hi!

I’ve got another riddle for you all today:

I have a face and hands but no arms or legs. What am I?

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Monday 25th January


Good morning year 2 and happy Monday!

Lets begin our week by completing this riddle! Let me know what you think it is underneath!

Here is the riddle:

I am part of a bird but I always stay dry.

I fly over land following the bird wherever it goes.

I can fly across the oceans and never get wet.

I can change shape and size.

I can change from dark to pale.

You can’t catch me or touch me.

What am I?

Have a lovely day!

Miss. Green

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Friday 22nd January 2021


Good afternoon Year 2! What lovely weather today! Can everyone see the sun!! Such a change from the past couple of rainy days!

I’ve got a little word challenge for you to complete! Look at the letters below, how many word can you make using these letters?

Good luck!

e t l o a y p m

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Welcome back to year 2!


Hello year 2! I would just like to welcome you all back to our school year. You have all adjusted to our new year 2 life fantastically! I am so proud of you all! Remember to carry on working hard as I’m sure you all will!

Miss. Green x

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